Holiday Courses

We run five day holiday courses (Monday to Friday) for up to six students during the summer months; it doesn’t matter whether you are completely new to gliding or you already have some experience, we can offer a course tailored to your needs.

Accommodation (anything from B & B to four star) is available in the area, or you can bring your own caravan to the airfield for £3 per night or alternatively pitch a tent free of charge.
A typical beginner's course will consist of the following:

Around one hour motorgliding, or more if it would be beneficial, to learn the effects of controls, practice circuits and landings and gain airfield orientation.

A number of aerotows where a powered tug aircraft tows the glider to a height of two or three thousand feet, or winch launches; the conditions on the day permitting.

All the instruction, lectures and pre-flight briefings required. (Instruction, lectures and briefings are all free of charge, there is also no charge for tea or coffee.)

As the course progresses you should be carrying out a large proportion of the flying yourself. You can expect to have learnt to take off, climb, turn, descend and land a glider. You will begin to understand the principles of soaring the rising currents of air which enable glider pilots to stay aloft for long periods and soar for long distances cross-country. Every effort will be made to soar from each launch, so you can get the maximum time in the air.

If you already have some experience then the course can be tailored to your needs, i.e. the initial motorglider flight may not be needed, or maybe you would like to do extra motorgliding, or perhaps you would want to do more aerotows.

Unlike most other clubs, we do not charge a fixed fee for our courses, you simply join as a temporary member (current cost £75) then pay for flying at club member rates. This means that you will not be out of pocket if flying opportunities are missed due to bad weather, you only pay for what you fly and to suit your own budget. In addition your temporary membership will remain valid for three months, so you can continue to fly with us with full membership benefits, after the course finishes.

For further information please contact the office.

On a cautionary note, because of the cockpit limitations of most gliders, if you are over 6ft 2in tall, or over 230lb in weight, please telephone for further advice.