Club Facilities

Rufforth Airfield

The York Gliding Centre occupies the western half of Rufforth Aerodrome, an old WWII base. Operations normally take place from one or other tarmac runways, and substantial grass areas are also available.

The area

We are situated in the Vale of York, about 20 miles east of the Pennines. This means that in addition to thermal soaring opportunities we also enjoy excellent lee wave in suitable weather conditions.

Flying days

Weather permitting we fly every weekend and every Wednesday, with additional flying days when soaring looks promising, or we have a course or a soaring week in progress.

The gliders

As well as offering facilities for private owners and visitors with their own gliders we have a substantial modern club fleet.


The club has two tug aircraft (Pawnee and Eurofox). Winch launches are also available.


The club has a clubhouse, with a bar and members' kitchen. Facilities are available for camping and caravan parking by visitors. For anyone thinking of joining, there is a well-used members caravan site, and the waiting list is usually short.


There is a group of about 20 volunteer instructors, who provide training in the club 2-seaters from ab-initio through cross-country training in high performance 2-seaters.

We also carry out weekly courses by arrangement.

If you simply want to see if gliding is for you, we can also offer you a trial lesson- contact us for details.

Visiting solo pilots

You are welcome to join us, either bringing your own glider or, subject to the usual checks, flying ours.

We do have a few requirements for those wanting to fly as pilot-in-command, either in a Rufforth glider or their own glider using our launch facilities. You should bring your log-book and BGA approved proof of medical fitness. Those wishing to present a photo driving licence as evidence of fitness to fly should arrange for their CFI to email the York Gliding Centre to verify that they regard you as currently fit to fly. You should expect to have local site check flights as required. You will be asked to sign an indemnity form.